Brain Happy Ltd was conceived in 2017 in response to a need for greater wellbeing in the work place. Although work-related stress is such a large global health problem and costs billions in lost productivity, individuals, workplaces and medical professionals are frequently ill-equipped to deal with it. Very often, employees are signed off work with ‘stress’, but given no instructions on how to recover or improve their resilience to avoid continued problems, other than taking a leave of absence.

There seemed to be a gap in the market between training service providers who lack the technical knowledge on the physiology and psychology of workplace stress, and doctors who make attempts to treat the symptoms of resultant health problems.

Managing Director and Founder, Sarah Morris, realised that there was a lack of knowledge among professionals and employers about how to mitigate, reduce or treat work-related stress. Brain Happy fills the gap by thinking differently to other training providers. Drawing on peer-reviewed academic research, the principles of NLP and an in-depth knowledge of the physiology of stress, we have a unique programme that allows individuals to build a lifelong set of skills and knowledge that enables them to reduce their susceptibility to stress and burnout.

Formerly an international school teacher and teacher trainer, Sarah Morris is a qualified performance coach, Firework career coach and NLP practitioner. She has a BSc (First) and MSc from University College London (UCL). Sarah is from the UK and has lived and worked in Kenya, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Nicaragua, Australia, Sierra Leone and Costa Rica. Brain Happy operates around the world.