Staff wellbeing in schools

Schools are in crisis.  Record numbers of teachers are leaving the profession or taking long term sick leave, while at the same time, there is a record low of teachers entering the profession (DfE UK, 2016).

With inspections, exam targets, poor student behaviour and low budgets all contributing to high rates of stress and reduced job satisfaction in what should be a very rewarding career, now is the right time to take action.

Show your staff you value them
Our ‘How to Feel Great @ Work’ e-learning course equips teachers with a new set of skills to build resilience and feel happier.  Comprising of 30 minutes of learning each week for 7 weeks, the course is easy to fit into busy schedules.  Built by a teacher, for teachers and other professionals.

Buy the Feel Great @ Work e-learning course for you and your staff.

Student wellbeing in schools

Latest figures show that young people are more stressed and unhappy than ever.  Mental health problems are a key cause of illness among children and young people, with depression now the leading cause of disability worldwide (WHO, 2018).

Mental health is now a key health target set by governments around the world, and schools must play a part.

Helping young people build resilience and wellbeing
For UK schools and some international schools, we offer school visits to teach children how they can be in control of their happiness and reduce stress.  During a visit, students learn a set of skills that they can build on. These include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing
  • Building better relationships
  • Prioritising workloads ​