Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place in the USA during the first week of October.  In the UK, Mental Health Awareness Week took place from 18th to 24th May 2020 on the theme of kindness.

What is mental health awareness week?

A national week to raise awareness of mental health illness and promote good mental health.

What can employers do?

There are lots of ways organisations can promote Mental Health Awareness Week.  We have some free resources below.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week For Organisations and Businesses

Here are some pointers for how employers can get involved.

Organise Activities

Arrange a series of video, webinar or app-based practical sessions.  The key is to provide a range of activities that employees can choose from – be inclusive and promote diversity.

Make time

Set aside a specific time to focus on wellbeing.  Improving mental health is a skill that takes time to learn so if employees see it as an addition to their workload, it will be an added pressure and participation will be low.

Introduce a new resource

Introduce a new resource and get your team enthusiastic about using it.  This could include resilience training or positive psychology such as the Feel Great @ Work courses (discounted to £3 ($3.70) per user)*.

Do a mental health audit

Survey your staff to assess the current levels of mental health, wellbeing and job satisfaction.  Regular audits help you to assess if improvements are being made.

Evaluate your current mental health strategy

You should be continuously assessing your mental health strategy.  Ask yourself: what are the needs and goals?  Are they being achieved?  Do our approaches need adjusting?

Decide on your goals

Decide what you want to achieve from Mental Health Awareness Week and the steps that you will take to reach each goal.

Resources for Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health awareness week activities

Infographic: 5 easy activities for Mental Health Awareness Week on the theme of kindness

Boost employee mental health awareness with these activities based around the theme of kindness.

Mental health awareness week

Well organised and practical.”  – Employee, Action Aid

Employee resilience training

Course Features


Participatory Learning

Sessions are packed full of exercises to help people learn and retain skills.


Building skills

Each session lasts thirty minutes and contains three to five new skills.



Users draw on their own values, preferences and experiences to select and build their personalised toolkit.


Accessible on all devices

Resilience training by elearning that is clear and simple to use.

Do you know enough about mental health in the workplace?

View our interactive report.


More Resources

Open our blog for more mental health resources, practical coaching tools and discussion.

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