A mixture of performance coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology

Building a long-lasting set of personalised skills to improve mental health.
This isn’t another boring training course to tick off the Health & Safety box on work-related stress. This is the most simple and fun way to improve people’s happiness at work (and outside of work). In our high-quality and engaging e-learning course, we’ve got some surprises for you that will lift the spirits of even the most stressed-out work team.

A unique blend of training, coaching and NLP
Using a mixture of performance coaching tools, positive psychology and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), we help you ‘reprogramme’ your mind to create habits of thinking and behaving that are more calm, healthy and productive. The effects are long-lasting and have the added bonus of continuing outside of the workplace.

What, exactly, does it involve?
In short, a new skill each week, for 7 weeks. Research shows that one-off stress training programmes are ineffective so our programme happens over 7 weeks. In our e-learning coaching programme, employees spend 30 minutes each week learning about and practising a new, helpful tool or skill, meaning your staff actually lose much less work time than when doing other training programmes.

Sample some course content here.

Who is it for?
Our training programme is designed to suit employees of all job sectors and work environments including but not limited to: office workers, medical staff, teachers, aid workers, military service staff and construction personnel. ​

​Buy the ‘Feel Great @ Work‘ e-learning course and improve the mental health of you and your staff.

The Psychology
We don’t bombard people with information that they will soon forget. Instead, we provide people with a life-changing set of skills that they can tailor to their own experiences, values and needs.

Employees are taken through two or three simple exercises each week, lasting no more than 30 minutes in total.
They are then asked to practise their preferred new tool as often as they can over the week before the next session.

This practice time is very important to allow the brain to make pathways that allow the desired thought, action or response to become easy and habitual.

It is no different to learning to catch a ball: at first it is difficult, but once the person has tried it a few times, the brain has created the necessary eye-to-brain-to-hand neural pathways so that catching becomes easy and can be done with little thought.

Tailored to individual needs
Using the principles of coaching and NLP, participants of our programme are able to gain insight into their own thinking and behavioural processes and make subtle changes that allow a more resilient and calm sense of being.

Since no two people see the world in the exact same way, this approach allows people to tailor their practice to their own experiences and preferred system of thinking, enabling a more resourceful state for learning.

We are not like other training programmes; we are totally unique. Read more about how we are different here.