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Learning Outcomes


Gain a range of positive coping strategies


How to calm yourself down quickly in stressful situations


How to manage difficult relationships


Create positive habits


Practise key stress management tools like mindfulness and expressive writing


How to take control of your stress levels and feel happier

online resilience training

Our Courses

We offer two courses:  the original Feel Great @ Work and a specially-adapted version called Feel Great @ Working from Home.  The Working from Home course has all the features of the original course, but is one session shorter and has a discounted price.  Both courses are packed full of participatory learning exercises to build skills and help people to retain knowledge.  Each course session lasts thirty minutes and contains a mix of positive psychology, performance coaching and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tools.

Course Contents

Both our Feel Great  @  Work and Feel Great @ Working From Home resilience training courses include the following topics.

Building positive habits

Micro-activities that encourage positive thoughts and actions.

Better relationships

Techniques to help with difficult situations and conversations.

Managing heavy workloads

A range of exercises for prioritising and keeping focused.

Fast relaxation techniques

Skills to help you calm down fast in any situation.


The benefits & ‘how to’ of expressive writing for mental health.


How to use breathing to activate the body’s relaxation response.


The benefits of mindfulness and some ways to practise it.


The links between the physical state and mental state.

Course Features


Participatory Learning

Sessions are packed full of exercises to help people learn and retain skills.


Building skills

Each session lasts thirty minutes and contains three to five new skills.



Users draw on their own values, preferences and experiences to select and build their personalised toolkit.


Accessible on all devices

Resilience training by elearning that is clear and simple to use.

More questions?

More information about what is inside both our mental health courses and answers to some of the most common questions can be found here.

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