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Trump mental health america
The USA still isn’t doing enough to address workplace mental health awareness
What was the most shared Facebook post in 2019 on workplace mental health in the USA?  An announcement by the
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Sarah Morris Brain Happy
Burnout and stress: how physical symptoms can have a mental cause
Sarah Morris, founder and director of Brain Happy suffered from nausea, sore throats, muscle aches and fatigue for around 6
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List of values
What motivates me? Discover your values before deciding on your next career choice.
Knowing our values helps us understand what we find purposeful in life and what makes us happy.  Here’s an exercise
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Builder with workplace stress
Report on workplace mental health and wellbeing: what does the data say?
Workplace mental health, also sometimes referred to as workplace wellbeing or corporate wellness is very much on the workplace agenda. 
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Man doing positive psychology exercise
Positive Psychology: Ten things I like about myself
Positive psychology exercises to help build your resilience to life’s knocks.
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Team building activities
Alternative team building activities for all budgets that build workplace skills
It’s that time of year again when you need to come up with an original, inclusive and fun team building
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Approaching difficult conversations at work: how to tell your boss you are feeling undervalued or unhappy in the workplace –
Approaching difficult conversations at work is never easy.  We show you how to tell your boss you are feeling unhappy:
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Active listening
Active listening activities for the workplace
Communication is a key workplace skill which involves both speaking and listening.  Read on to see these active listening activities
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How stress causes back pain and other chronic conditions
The medical profession now understands that stress causes back pain and other illnesses. The mind-body connection is finally being mainstreamed.
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Values in workplace
I’ve calculated that the UK wastes half a billion hours a week on ‘meaningless’ work. So, what is the importance
The importance of values in the workplace and how leaders can use values to motivate employees.
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e-learning in Kenya
E-Learning in Sub-Saharan Africa: an opportunity for work skills training
This week, I had a meeting with a friend who is a management consultant to development organisations in East Africa.
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An interview is a two-way street: questions to ask before accepting a job abroad
With thousands of international schools around the world of varying styles, quality and employment packages, you want to make the
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